Following a detailed consultation, your therapist will recommend which treatment best suits your skins requirements, leaving you pampered and truly radiant.

Riverside Spa Signature Facial

1hr 15 mins

Commencing with a relaxing aromatherapy back massage followed by a luxurious Germaine de Cappuccini facial to encapsulate you into a total state of relaxation for…

Radiance Glow

1 hr

Combat signs of stress, fatigue and dryness with the luxurious royal jelly ingredients that will leave your skin radiant and energised.

Hydration Therapy


Provides deep hydration, rich in hyaluronic acid, to help improve skins suppleness and firmness. Excellent for ageing and dry skin.

New Time Experts

1 hr

Fight the three main signs of ageing with our microdermoxine complex. Neutralise skin conditions, fill in expression lines and smooth out wrinkles. The revolutionary skincare…

Delicate And Sensitive

1 hr

Calm your sensitive irritated skin. Bring nature and science together to diminish redness and provide your skin with the calmness it deserves.

Vitamin C Booster

1 hr

Firm and boost your tired, sluggish skin. Combine vitamin c with innovative technology to prevent your skin with the calmness it deserves.

Pearl Sensation

1 hr

Prevents and corrects visible signs of ageing. Rejuvenates and revitalises the skin.

Aroma Express Facial

40 mins

Hydrate and nourish your skin, feel the benefits of this quick but effective facial.

Eye Treatments – Time Expert

30 mins Course of 5 recommended

Eye, rejuvenate the delicate eye area, effectively working against expression lines, wrinkles and dull, puffy eyes.

Facials For Men

1 hr

A Revitalising, detoxifying, soothing and refreshing facial designed for men who want to look good and feel great. Combat dryness and fight the signs of…